Goin’ back to Windows: Thanks Jessie!

This is part of a series on moving from desktop Linux back to Windows.

The first post is here.

Learning about WSL and Windows Automation from Jessie Frazelle

I mentioned in the previous Goin’ Back to Windows post that I was partly influenced to make the move by reading what Jessie Frazelle and others had written on the topic.

In this quick  post, I want to call out a few of Jessie’s writings in particular.

First, Windows for Linux nerds. She talks about how Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) works, calling windows programs from a bash prompt, and even creating a repeatable Windows config script using boxstarter. Great stuff.

In that post, she links to her boxstarter file. Even if you don’t use it (or create your own based on it), I think there’s a lot of value just in seeing what kinds of things a developer might want to do to configure her Windows machine. Also, if you, like I, had never heard of boxstarter, well, now you do. It’s a thing in the world, and it appears to be a good thing indeed.

Thanks for sharing with us, Jessie!

Next post: software package management with Chocolatey

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